The founder Åsa Neumann, has after twenty years of experience in the wine industry
developed a true passion for helping companies accomplish their potential.
With strong communications skills, an analytic and good commercial understanding,
and specialist in business and marketing planning processes Neumann Brand Factory
is a real asset for helping your brands grow.


Member in Nordic Steering Committee at Henkell & Co for eight years.

Brand owner responsibility for Chapel Hill in the Nordics
– design, communication strategies, etc.

Years of experience from working with alcohol-free wine sales to food retail chains.

Responsible for CSR/sustainability towards Systembolaget for Henkell portfolio.

Strong commercial side and financial understanding.


- can provide help when needed


– twenty years of experience from the wine industry. Deep understanding of all parts in the brand management process


– senior knowledge in product development and design projects

Certified sommelier

- Vinkällan

Educated in CSR and sustainability

- Has completed the course ”Academy for human rights in business”

Great network

– working with many agencies in media, PR and design

Customer understanding

– deep understanding of the monopoly, Systembolaget, and the purchasing organization

Supplier contacts

– many international contacts in the wine world

Strong commercial side and financial understanding